Huizhong Residential Ultrasonic Water Meter Successfully Obtained Sigfox Ready Certificate

Recently, Huizhong residential ultrasonic water meter obtained the Sigfox Ready certificate, and added an important cornerstone for the expansion of Huizhong's overseas market.

The obtain of Sigfox Ready certificate indicates that the Huizhong residential ultrasonic water meter which based on the Sigfox communication technology has successfully obtained Sigfox network access license. The product is the first model of Sigfox wireless communication residential ultrasonic water meter in China, developed independently by Huizhong Stock. It indicates the quick response of cutting-edge technology and professional technical development ability by Huizhong. Since then, Huizhong will gain more market advantages with a richer product range and more comprehensive product performance.

At present, Huizhong has cooperated with multiple international companies in Sigfox water meter field, such as Thinxtra, and began trial testing in Chile, Colombia, Peru, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

In the future, Huizhong will continue to live up to expectations, continuously improve its technological innovation capability and intelligent manufacturing level, and build a world-class international brand of ultrasonic flow measurement.