Huizhong Stock—The NB-IoT residential ultrasonic water meter ignites the Australian market

Recently, the “9NEWS”and “Utility Magazine” from Australia both detailed reported on the application of Huizhong NB-IoT residential ultrasonic water meter in the Australian market.

It says, lately the Melbourne water utilities, South East Water, Yarra Valley Water and City West Water have separately deployed Huizhong NB-IoT residential water meters into some of their clients’ houses. After a period of use, Huizhong ultrasonic water meter showed significate advantages in leakage monitoring and management. In the meantime, thanks to the NB-IoT wireless communication technology built-in the meter, the successful reading rate can exceed 99%, which effectively saves the manpower of meter reading and device maintenance.

McCafferty, executive director of Yarra Valley Water, stressed in the report that Huizhong ultrasonic water meter has brought “digital use experience” for their clients, the user can strengthen their perception of “water usage” via visualized Big Data of water, to gain a deeper understanding of water usage, and improve their behavior then save the costs. The Big Data of water use not only enhances the customer service level of water utilities, but also provides provides a basis for pre-judgment in water supply management. Problems like pipe bursting and leakage used to know by outside force (feedbacks from the clients), now gradually turns to judge and decide by water usage Big Data.

Huizhong ultrasonic water meters constantly achieve good results in the Australian market, thanks to the excellent quality of the water meter itself and the accurate judgment of water big data. In the future, Huizhong will cooperate with Melbourne's three major water companies to actively explore new changes and new patterns in the water industry, and continue to provide customers with better and more efficient services.


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