Innovation drives water supply development - Huizhong Stock is invited to attend the 2019 (4th) Water Supply Summit Forum

On June 21st, the 2019 (4th) Water Supply Summit Forum and Solution Technology Exchange Exhibition jointly hosted by E20 Environmental Platform, E20 Water Supply Circle and Fuzhou Water Affairs was grandly opened in Fuzhou. With the theme of “reform injection, innovation and efficiency”, the forum will jointly discuss the water supply solutions driven by innovation and the future reform direction of the water supply industry.

The Huizhong stock booth focused on smart residential ultrasonic water meters, stainless steel ultrasonic water meters and district metering ultrasonic flow meters.

Huizhong's ultrasonic flow measurement products rely on high-end product performance, can collect water data in abundance, and carry out refined big data analysis through the intelligent water supply management system independently developed by Huizhong, providing accurate data and solution basis for water supply measurement. The technology-based product display has attracted many water supply leaders and industry experts.

Over the years, Huizhong has always been considering on users, focusing on solving industry problems, improving water supply efficiency through intelligent management, and relying on comprehensive and perfect intelligent systems to provide users with sustainable solutions to meet the common needs of both supply and demand. In this forum, Huizhong's water supply energy-saving management transformation solution and the overall solution for regional measurement and leakage reduction were successfully selected as excellent solutions for the conference.

With the rapid development of the Internet era, the water supply industry has ushered in new opportunities and challenges, and the reform and innovation of the operation management model is imperative. In the future, with the continuous advancement of smart water networked services, Huizhong will continue to reform and innovate. The cutting-edge technology and innovation reform will help the development of the water supply industry and write a new chapter in smart water.