Data Drives Smart Development, IoT Helps the City's Future - Huizhong Stocks Debut at 2019 China Smart City Expo

On June 14, the 2019 (5th) China Smart City Expo hosted by the National Development & Reform Commission and City & Small Town Reform and Development Center was held in Beijing Exhibition Hall. As the most important international communication platform in China's new smart city field, the exhibition has the theme of “Sharing the Future City” and has gathered more than 100 eco-sphere enterprises to discuss the future development direction of smart cities.

Precise hotspots, share the wisdom

Huizhong has participated in the Smart City Expo for three consecutive years. In this exhibition, Huizhong Stock takes “data-driven wisdom development, IoT to help the city's future” as the entry point, and takes the construction of new smart city under the era of big data as a clue to help the development of smart water supply and smart heat supply, to discuss new ideas, new technologies, new achievements and new applications in urban development.

On the first day of the exhibition, Huizhong Stock was invited by the organizing committee to participate in the closed meeting of the mayor and the leading voice forum attended by government leaders and industry experts. Huizhong not only shared the Huizhong smart water meter cases in the development of water saving and energy saving, but also shows how Huizhong Smart Water Solutions can help promote the development of smart water. The wonderful speech was highly praised by the on-site professionals.

In addition, the Huizhong booth attracted interviews from mainstream media such as the People's Political Consultative Conference, Silicon Valley, and International Online on the first day of the exhibition.

Cutting-edge display, leading the wisdom technology

As the wisdom role of technology companies, Huizhong Stock upgraded the entire booth design, more ingenious program display, smarter system interaction, and more sophisticated product technology.

At the same time, Huizhong shares always adhere to social responsibility, in order to help the development of environmental protection, Huizhong provided the new online product introduction and electronic sign-in system.

Booth number: Beijing Exhibition Hall 12, M082