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Project of Caring for the Elderly Living Alone


Huizhong Stock and Guangdong Shunkong Development Co., Ltd. jointly launched the project of "installing intelligent water meters for the elderly living alone for free" in Shunde, Guangdong Province. This project is different from previous projects in which data monitoring is used to warn the elderly about home safety. The intelligent water meter used in the project can realize alarms such as continuous water use for a long time, no water uses for a long time, and abnormal water consumption in a specific time. Meanwhile, the water consumption time can be recorded, and the monitoring time can be set according to the living habits of the elderly.



Adopting ultrasonic flow measurement technology and micro power consumption technology, Huizhong intelligent ultrasonic water meter has excellent performance such as wide dynamic range, extremely low starting flow (0.8L/h), drip measurement, no loss of short-term water, low pressure loss, high stability and anti-rotation. While ensuring the long-term accurate and stable operation, the meter can help the elderly monitor the leakage of indoor aging water appliances, and it also provides accurate data basis for in-depth analysis of water use habits and behaviors of the elderly living alone.

Through the intelligent analysis of water use data, Huizhong smart water supply platform can accurately outline the water use habits of the elderly living alone, form a report, and then dynamically monitor the living conditions of the elderly and find abnormal water use in time. The intelligent system of the platform adopts the advanced framework of "Cloud + Terminal", covering the smart water cloud platform and the intelligent terminal for water metering of IoT. In addition, the "AI data analysis algorithm for water use" built in the platform can analyze and obtain user portraits, water use orderliness and other information, and monitor the abnormal water use of the elderly according to the analysis results.


For the special group of elderly living alone, after installing Huizhong intelligent ultrasonic water meters, an information database of the elderly can be established in the intelligent water supply platform as a key user, and an alarm can be set separately. Once it is judged as abnormal water use after big data analysis (such as no water use for long time, long-term continuous water use, high water use in typical time), multi-channel alarm reminder will be carried out in the form of linkage, so that the family members can follow up and take measures in time, providing a solid guarantee for the health and safety of the elderly living alone.

After the installation of the first batch of meters and reporting the data, the platform issued an abnormal water use alarm after analyzing the data on the same day, reminding the relevant principals of the water supply enterprise to pay attention to the possibility of suspected water leakage among the users. After on-site verification, it was confirmed that the valve was not closed after the users watered the flowers, and the water supply enterprise took urgent measures to deal with it, avoiding water waste and possible disputes during the payment.

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