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Project of Australia's NB-IoT Digital Meters


To improve the utilization rate of local water resources, South East Water hopes to upgrade the meters and develop new smart meters with advanced technology, so as to get a deeper understanding of water network and user experience. NB-IoT, with the advantages of wide coverage, low power consumption, large-scale connection and low costs, is becoming an emerging technology now. Therefore, South East Water is dedicated to the cooperative R & D project of NB-IoT digital meters and makes in-depth cooperation with Huizhong.


To advance the project, Huizhong puts forward the R & D solution to NB-IoT digital meters. In the solution, Huizhong NB-IoT digital ultrasonic water meter, by virtue of excellent metering performance, unique data transmission technology, and intelligent data terminal, solves the problems of unstable transmission, high power consumption and low success rate of meter reading. It is a solution around the needs of refined operation & management of water companies.


The project is a global development project of NB-IoT digital ultrasonic water meter by Huizhong, and hits a new milestone in Australia. Up to this year, Huizhong has cooperated with South East Water with more than 25000 meters. Huizhong meters not help users manage water use and detect leaks, but also reduce water wastage. For a better cooperation result, Huizhong has successively cooperated with Sydney Water, Yarra Valley Water and Greater Western Water in the project of NB-IoT residential ultrasonic meters, to enhance Australia’s smart water.

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