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Project of Digital Development of Heating Network


The heating code of a heating enterprise adopts energy Internet, which is characterized by multiple kinds of fuel and services, and interconnection of various energy nodes. With the continuous development of the heating enterprise and the increasing demand for refined management, the heating enterprise has higher requirements for heating quality, heating safety, energy consumption, service level, analysis ability and strategic ability.

In view of the above requirements, the heating enterprise has continuously improved the data monitoring level. In response of the lack of measurement data, it decides to gradually promote the deployment of heating monitoring, and launches the project of digital development of heating network.

In this project, the monitoring of heating data is required to improve, to fill in the lack of heating monitoring. The visualization and management ability of heating network are gradually promoted, improving the decision-making and analysis ability, and ensuring a continuous, stable and safe heating.


Huizhong solution to digital heating network gives full play to the advantages of product metering, and adopts special detection device to get the information such as pressure, flowrate and heat, ensuring stable and reliable heating data. Then, on the basis of the rich experience in heating detection projects, integrating heating data, the functions of monitoring points are fully explored.

Based on accurate and reliable heating metering, through the reasonable layout of monitoring points, functional support of software platform, and professional data analysis, multi-dimensional data interaction is realized, to support the objectives of refined management such as leakage, safety, and energy consumption analysis, and promote the digitalization of heating network.


Combing Huizhong smart heating platform, the heating enterprise has installed hardware device for metering and collection at each monitoring point, and obtained good benefits. After then deployment of monitoring points, the monitoring data of primary network is gotten, which effectively forms the data accumulation of whole heating network. The abnormal running state of heating network is effectively monitored and warned by using the data monitoring and self-learning analysis and alarm of the system platform, which guarantees the safety of heating network. The districting of heating network, which is realized by monitoring solution to secondary heating network, has gradually realized the grid management of heating network.

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