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Project of District Metering for Pipe Network


In order to change the pipe network management mode, reduce the leakage rate and improve the production efficiency, a water supply company in Guangxi has invested a data collection system for monitoring the flow and pressure changes of in the districts. 6 monitoring stations for district metering will be built in the first stage to monitor the operation of the pipe networks in the old urban areas.  

As the meters are planned to be installed underground, the requirement for protection class is high, and the connection of municipal power is difficult. As the 6 proposed districts in the first stage are independent accounting areas, it is necessary to detect the water use status and production & marketing difference of each district by remote transmission device at any time, and cooperate with supporting software for deep refinement of each independent district monitoring. 


Battery powered, no external power supply, micro power consumption design, sampling cycle 1s, one battery can continuously work over 10 years. With protection class of IP68, able to work in long-term water immersion. Multiple transmission modes, and real-time online verification.

The supporting system of the solution provides customized software services, which can conduct customized development and management according to the actual needs of each independent district.


Through phased use, the water supply & marketing budget of each district is monitored, and the pipe network with large leakage is reconstructed. The leakage rate of the city is reduced by 3% compared with previous data, and the economic benefit of one year is up to nearly 4 million RMB. Meanwhile, through remote monitoring, the labor cost is greatly reduced and the efficiency is also improved. 


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