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Project of Smart Community Water Supply Management


The construction of smart city is actively conducted in a city of Hebei Province this year. According to the municipal government’s plan, the water company begins to build a smart community. However, most of the meters used in the old communities are mechanical water meters and are kept in service far longer than originally intended, which makes the water supply business in the communities generally have the problems including estimation and leakage of meter reading, water disputes, serious water theft and high leakage rate, resulting in water supply company’s passive service.


In view of the problems existing in the current water supply business in communities, Huizhong has customized ultrasonic remote water meter with IoT and solution to intelligent community water supply for water supply company. The solution includes the transformation of pipe network and water meter from the outlet of the community to the households, and the construction of intelligent management system of community water supply. The system can clearly display water supply, water use, production and marketing difference and leakage rate of all the communities, and screen the abnormal water use data of the terminal by big data, so as to deal with user disputes in advance.


According to the reminder for abnormalities reported by the water meter, the system has helped the water company find 22 indoor leakage problems, 15 rotation problems and 2 counterflow problems during the COVID-19 period. After actively contacting the users to investigate and solve the problems, it is praised by the users. Meanwhile, it has played a positive role in improving management level of smart water supply, perfecting management service and comprehensively realizing intelligent management of community leakage.

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