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Project of Multi-scenario Comprehensive Measurement in Iron & Steel Enterprises


With large demand of water metering in primary network and second network, an iron & steel enterprise in Shanghai is the largest and most modern integrated iron & steel enterprise in China. The enterprise regulates the production processes through the measurement data of meters and the remote control of valves, such as the dispatching of each branch and the water consumption of each production process, etc.


After knowing the water metering demand of this enterprise, Huizhong actively promoted its products and solutions. After understanding the solution to the industrial meters with full dynamic ranges, the enterprise thought the solution was in line with its water metering demand, then purchased ultrasonic flowmeters used in the metering of circulating water and said there will be a demand for spare products and spare parts every year. In 2020, the enterprise purchased 16 sets of flowmeters for the measurement of water consumption for steel-making cooling in the secondary network. The flowmeters have been delivered and waiting for installation.


Over the years, the enterprise has successively purchased a variety of ultrasonic flowmeters from Huizhong, which are used for the multi-scenario comprehensive water metering of the primary network and second network with perfect measurement results. The project enables Huizhong to cultivate a long-term and stable relationship with the enterprise.

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