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Project of Ultrasonic Flow Device in Taishan Third-stage Nuclear Power Plant


The submarine cooling circulating water system of Qinshan nuclear power plant is designed by foreigners, and there is no flow metering device in the system, so it is impossible to grasp the real-time data information such as water volume. Qinshan nuclear power plant plans to accurately obtain water volume data by the installation of metering devices, which promotes the procurement project of ultrasonic flowmeters.


The ultrasonic flowmeter is installed in the culverts of submarine channels, and the sundries of seawater are corrosive to the meters. Therefore, Huizhong adopts the internal installation method and new corrosion-resistant materials. As the culvert devices need to be maintained regularly and the water supply cannot be stopped at any time, the long-term stable test capacity of the meters must be ensured, thus Huizhong has prepared a sensor in use and a spare one to deal with emergencies.


Finally, Huizhong products has overcome the technical difficulties, passed the certifications of the technology and safety committee of Qinshan nuclear power plant, and successfully installed SCL-9 series ultrasonic flowmeters in the culverts of submarine channels. The installation of ultrasonic flowmeter pioneers the culvert metering devices and provides valuable data for water metering and monitoring of nuclear power plant.

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