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Water Conservancy Customer References
Customer References Water Conservancy Customer References

Project of Dual-control of Pumping Well in Jimusaer


Attaching importance to construction and ignorance of management are the common phenomena in pumping-well irrigation facilities of farmlands, and problems such as disorderly water use and unpaid charge are frequent occurrences. Therefore, the intelligent dual-control cards of pumping wells are fully installed in the pumping wells of small farms and large growers in Jimusaer County, and remote monitoring system is also installed for the comprehensive monitoring of the operation status of pumping wells in the small farms, that is, the pumping wells are managed according to the principle of “locating land by water, metering power by water and controlling water by power”, and the water fees are charged according to groundwater volume and charging standard.


The project needs the meters with fine stability, convenient installation and high-integration system, and 530 sets of SCL-61D series ultrasonic water meters of Huizhong are adopted in the irrigation metering of the project. According to the distribution principle of “water rights in four levels”, the integrated system provides daily, monthly and annual statistics of water volume of the pumping wells on the basis of the IC card water consumption, water distribution and water-right transaction data of farmers, and analyzes the total water consumption, so as to realize the intelligent integration of detection, measurement, monitoring and settlement of water consumption in pumping-well irrigation.


Since the implementation of the project, the products of our company have achieved fine measurement results and been unanimously praised by customers with fine stability and high precision, laying a good foundation for the cooperation of subsequent projects.


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