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Water Conservancy Customer References
Customer References Water Conservancy Customer References

Project of Working Efficiency Experiment of Turbines in The Three Gorges Project


In order to detect the working efficiency of turbines in the Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project, Three Gorges Corporation and National Institute of Metrology designed a set of experimental system of DN500 scale model according to the characteristics of diversion penstock system of the Three Gorges Power Station and organized a model experiment of the working efficiency of turbines. The project requires flowmeters to still provide stable measurement without straight pipe sections, and meter manufacturers to provide products that meet the experimental needs for the project. 


Huizhong was selected to participate in this model experiment, in which a DN500 ultrasonic flowmeter with 18 channels was used. After repeated verification and experiments, the multi-channel ultrasonic flowmeter was highly praised by experts in virtue of stable operation, accurate measurement and fine adaptability to complex working conditions. Finally, Huizhong's products stood out with excellent performance, and its measurement data was adopted as experimental data. 


The success of analog experiment contributed to the successful application of ultrasonic flowmeter in the Three Gorges Hydropower Station, fully reflecting Huizhong's excellent technical strength. It also marked that our company has reached the advanced international level in the field of multi-channel and large diameter measurement, and highlighted its leading position in the field of ultrasonic flow measurement. 

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