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Smart Water Platforms
Smart Water Smart Water Platforms

Intelligent Monitoring System for the Elderly Living Alone

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It sets different water alarm strategies for different users, and analyzes the water user habits through water-use data. The monitoring platform alerts the user who have not used water for a period of time or used the water abnormally, and sends the alarming information to the guardians at the same time, so that the elderly’s living condition is paid attention at the first time. 

Set alarm rules for abnormal water use and SMS reminders for users with different water-use habits.

Support customized notifications for various alarming information.

Users can check water use details and alarm information by mobile terminals.

Real-time monitoring of user information of abnormal water uses by screen.

It adopts the advanced framework of "Cloud + Terminal", covering the smart water cloud platform and the intelligent terminal for water metering of IoT. In addition, the "AI data analysis algorithm for water use" built in the platform can analyze and obtain user portraits, water use orderliness and other information.

The abnormal water use information is alerted by “Three-screen Syncretic” (PC + mobile phone + screen).

Water use data enables community work, and water supply helps social care and assistance service, striving to improving the happiness sense of citizens.

Through the comparative analysis of water-use data, the living condition of the elderly living alone can be indirectly grasped. The timely warning information, in case of abnormal water use, makes the rescue timelier, and provides a safer life for the elderly.

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