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Smart Heating Platforms
Smart Heating Smart Heating Platforms

Smart SaaS Platform for Heat Supply

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It adopts the mode of “online product + online service + online rent” to provide software resource sharing services for small and medium-sized enterprises. It provides a series of services including the access of control cabinet and related IoT devices, and software and hardware maintenance. Heating enterprises are authorized to the heating information system without purchasing software and hardware, building substations and recruiting IT personnel. It is specially designed for the Internet-access delivery of heating enterprises, which is convenient for hosting, deployment and access through the Internet.

Monitoring & diagnosis: online monitoring and diagnosis of operation data, statistical analysis of diagrams to master the operation status of the whole network, alarms for operation status, intelligent real-time reminder, and quick detection of operation risk.

Automatic operation & maintenance: batch execution of script/command, scheduling of script library and other automatic operation & maintenance for efficiency improvement.

Multi-mode management: unified hybrid management of public cloud and private cloud.

Agile deployment: cloud agile deployment, short implementation cycle; adaptability to the operation & maintenance management of various heat supply pipe networks such as industrial steam and hot water for heating.

Inclusive application: multiple service modes and optional functions; flexible and controllable.

Save the costs of building systems related to software and hardware.

Continuous upgrade: continuous online upgrading in products, quick response + online service.

It improves the efficiency of operation & maintenance management of heat supply system to help heating enterprises pay more attention to thermal industry itself.

Provision of safe and reliable data access and storage to protection information security.

Constant practice of “Internet + concept” for the combination of the management system of traditional heating enterprises and Internet application.

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