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Heat Supply Pipe Network Monitoring System

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It is mainly adopted to monitor the data produced during the processes of heat sources, key points and heat exchange stations of heat supply system, and diagnose and analyze the devices. It also monitors the alarm information of the heat exchange station, which directly displays the operation of the heat exchange station on the basis of its process diagram. Meanwhile, the data from the monitoring system of heat supply pipe network is the basis of the foundation of heat loss analysis and energy consumption analysis.

Heat source monitoring: real-time monitoring of temperature, pressure, flowrate and load of heat source outlet;

Unit monitoring: real-time monitoring of the relevant heating indicators of the primary and secondary sides of the heating station, display and control of the data of each node of the heat exchange station through the process diagram.

Device inspection: intelligent analysis and diagnosis of setting value and feedback value of primary control valve, secondary circulating pump and heat exchanger, automatic export of diagnosis report, and judgments of the device selection and device faults.

GIS map: display of the information of pipe network and each station in the form of map.

Combined with geographic information, IoT and artificial intelligence, the intelligent and accurate control of heat exchange station is realized through self-learning algorithm, historical heating data and weather forecast.

Intelligent analysis and diagnosis of the devices for automatically issued diagnosis reports.

Combined with historical data, weather changes and other conditions, the future heat load is accurately predicted. Based on the forecast of heat supply and demand, the production plan of heat source is scientifically worked out for accurate heating on demand.

Through the big data analysis of heating seasons, index evaluation and improvement suggestions are provided for energy saving and consumption reduction.

Unmanned heating station with remote control.

Data monitoring and alarm judgment are adopted to help thermal enterprises to adjust heating quantity and ensure heat supply pipe network to safely and reliably operate.

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