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Whole-network Balancing System

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It makes a division of heat supply pipe network and obtains various parameters including the supply water temperature and return water temperature of the secondary network, the feedback value and setting value of the electric valve of the primary network, and the temperature, pressure and flowrate of heat source. The self-learning algorithm is adopted to control the electric valve and the frequency converter ratio of the primary network, so as to reduce the horizontal-hydraulic imbalance of the heat supply pipe network, and realize even heating distribution and energy saving for the increasement of economic benefits. Balance control strategy is adopted in the system to adjust the electric valve or distributed variable-frequency pump of the primary network in heat exchange stations, so as to achieve balance of water consumption and heat consumption between heat supply pipe networks, and basically even heat supply of each station with even cold and heat.

Through the division of heat supply pipe network, the inflow, outflow and water supplement of the pipe network are summarized, and the water loss quantity is counted and ranked to provide the basis for it balanced management.

The heat loss quantity in the heat supply pipe network is counted and ranked according to the branches of the pipe network, which provides the basis for the balanced management.

It sets alarm values for key indicator such as water loss and pressure and transfers the alarms to the mobile terminals in real time.

According to the calculation results of dynamic hydraulic balance analysis, the comprehensive regulation and control solutions of the whole network is determined and automatically sent to controlling cabinet to realize the automatic balance control of the whole network.

Self-learning algorithm is adopted for constant self-correction according to the pipe network balancing data.

The intelligent command is issued according to balance algorithm and the hysteresis of heating control.

According to the distributions of pipe networks and heat exchange stations, the regional models are automatically established, so as to achieve the adjustment from regional balance to whole-network balance.

Timely analysis and adjustment of water loss and heat loss for energy waste reduction and benefit improvement.

According to balance algorithm, temperature curve and flowrate of heat exchange stations are adjusted for the avoidance of uneven cold and heat, and comfortable heating.

Based on alarms, it helps heating enterprises to check and deal with the pipe network faults for the reduction of labor burden.

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