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Indoor Temperature Monitoring System

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It collects the real-time indoor temperature and humidity of households through indoor temperature monitoring device and transfers the results to data center through NB-IoT, so as to realize the remote monitoring of indoor temperature, provide data support for the balanced adjustment and energy consumption control of thermal companies, guide the companies to adjust the heating power on demand, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction.

Data monitoring: real-time view of household indoor temperature, and control of heating quality at any time.

Intelligent alarm: timely understanding of device operation status, provision of low temperature and high temperature warning settings.

Data analysis: accurate information of device operation status.

Remote control: remote parameter-setting and upgrading of device, for its efficient operation & maintenance.

Efficient data transmission on the basis of NB-IoT and wireless sensor technology.

Micro-service architecture for easy expansion and stable operation.

High-precision sensor with advanced measurement algorithm for accurate temperature measurement.

It provides real-time monitoring and intuitive display of indoor temperature standard so that heating enterprises can understand heat supply quality for reasonable distribution of energy.

Quantification of heating quality, reasonable adjustment of heat supply, and avoidance of energy waste.

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