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HZG-9 Data Collector

1. Tiny and beautiful appearance design for various complex conditions.
2. NB-IoT, low power consumption, wide coverage, remote maintenance, and complete replacement for 2G.
3. Functions of regular report, manual report, immediate alarm, network timing, and local debugging.
4. Reported data including signal strength and battery voltage of the meter.
5. RS-485 interface for downstream meter reading, support a variety of protocols of ultrasonic water meter and ultrasonic heat meter, as well as subsequent expansion.
6. Reliable infrared communication design, support various functions including local debugging, parameter configuration, and storage-record reading.
1. High-performance embedded processor design, embedded in industrial NB-IoT communication module, for strong anti-interference ability.
2. Be suitable for complex industrial sites with protection class of IP68.
3. Various alarm types and alarm valves: flowrate alarm, pressure alarm, empty pipeline alarm, as well as alarms in transducer trouble, battery power and PSM (abnormal network alarm), etc.
Through Huizhong's intelligent water and heating supply platform, remote monitoring of data and operation of water meter, heat meter and other terminal devices, management level is improved and management cost is reduced.

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Technical Parameters
Power Supply

DC powered, input voltage: 12V/24V (selectable)

battery powered

Wireless InterfaceNB-IoT
Photoelectric InterfaceBaud rate: 2400bps, protocol: EN13757
RS-485 Interface

Baud rate: 2400bps, 4800bps and 9600bps (selected), default: 2400bps; no check, odd check and even check, default: no check
Data Storage8000 data storage
Protection ClassIP68
Working Environment Temperature-20℃~55℃

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