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CRL-G Inserted Ultrasonic Heat Meter (Multiple-channel)

1. Ultrasonic flow measurement technology with multiple-channel design, improve the accuracy under complex flow regime.
2. Inserted installation, small installation space, installation and maintenance with flow and pressure, reduction of management costs.
1. Be installed in different angles without affecting measurement accuracy.
2. Use of advanced multi-pulse technology, DSP digital signal processing technology and error correction technology, with strong anti-interference ability and fine stability.
It is suitable for the heat metering of public buildings, residential buildings, exchange stations, heat sources and central heating (cooling) systems, and the total metering of various heat distribution method.

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Technical Parameters
Number of Sonic Channels4/8-channels
Pipe MaterialSteel, cast iron
Nominal DiameterDN300~DN2000
Temperature Range (°C)4~130 (If the range is exceeded, please specify on ordering)
Max. Temperature150℃
Min. Temperature Difference3K
Working PressureMin. value: 1.6MPa
Accuracy ClassClass 1/Class 2 (Flow accuracy class: class 0.5)
Type of Temperature SensorPt1000,DIN/IEC751B
MediumHomogeneous fluids in full pipe flow
Environment ClassMain Unit of Cumulative HeatIP65 environment temperature: -10~45°C
Flow Main UnitIP65 environment temperature: -10~45°C
Temperature Main UnitIP68 environment temperature: -10~45°C
Flowrate & Temperature TransducerIP68 environment temperature: -40~45°C
Power SupplyAC220V±10%,50Hz
Data Storage and ProcessingA group of data is stored in one minute for more than ten years; Thermal power, instantaneous flow, water supply temperature and return water temperature can be displayed in the report, which can be exported by EXCEL

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