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HZTJF Intelligent Controlling Valve

1. Remote valve-regulation function, enhance the heating company’s control and regulation ability of pipeline network.
2. Intelligent regulation can be realized according to the instructions of the system platform or the regulation solutions given by the system platform.
3. Automatic supplementary report to ensure the integrity of the submitted data.
4. Large application range, collection of water supply & return temperature of the pipeline network as the basis of automatic intelligent regulation.
5. Diversified temperature collection, the data can be collected from heat meter and itself can also be equipped with temperature sensor.
6. Integrated design and compact structure, suitable for various complex on-site conditions.
1. Valves with 100000-time lifetime.
2. Small volume, fine stability and strong anti-interference ability.
3. Micro power consumption technology, battery powered, intelligent control valve with built-in lithium battery, can work continuously over 6 years.
4. Comprehensive alarm information, effectively detect the operation status of pipeline network and valve.
5. NB-IoT communication technology, strong environmental adaptability, wide coverage, as well as remote maintenance and upgrading.
It is applied in the balance & regulation and temperature controlling integration of pipeline network in heating markets, meeting the requirements of the heating company for the regulation and control of the pipeline network.

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Technical Parameters
Valve TypeButterfly valve
Valve Core TypeShape in disc
Valve Core Material304 stainless steel
Valve Button<0.5 torques
Supply VoltageBattery powered with DC3.6V, dual-power supply with DC24V and DC3.6V, external-power supply with DC24V
Operation Range0~90°
Control ModePlatform remote control, infrared interface control, smart phone APP control
Protection ClassIP65/IP68
Pressure Range0~1.6MPa
Connection MethodInternal-thread connection, DN15-G 1/2, DN20-G 3/4, DN25-G 1

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