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SCL-80(A)/82(A) Ultrasonic Flowmeter (Mine Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe Type )

1. Explosion Proof Certificate No.: CMExC17.0678G, Mine Product Safety Certificate No.: MAK120075, MAK120076.
2. Small installation space, no need for pipe and water cutting-off for installation and maintenance.
3. With multi-pulse technology and DSP digital signal processing technology, it has strong anti-interference ability.
4. Using multi-channel ultrasonic flow measurement technology, high-precision measurement can also be realized under large diameter and complex flow regime.
5. It conforms to the People’s Republic of China Urban Construction Standard CJ/T 3063-1997 “ultrasonic flowmeter for water supply and drainage”.
6. The factory verification is based on the National Metrological Verification Regulation of the People's Republic of China JJG 1030-2007 “ultrasonic flowmeter”.
1. High accuracy, up to class 0.5.
2. Explosion proof production standards conform to GB3836.1-2010, GB3836.4-2010 and GB3836.2-2010.
3. Comply with the enterprise standard Q/THY 005-2017 “enterprise standard of ultrasonic flowmeter for mine explosion proof and intrinsically safe” of Huizhong Instrumentation Co., Ltd.
4. Comply with the enterprise standard Q / THY 005-2017 “SCL-8 enterprise standard of ultrasonic flowmeter for mine explosion proof and intrinsically safe” of Huizhong Instrumentation Co., Ltd.
It is suitable the environment full of gas in the coal mine underground.

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Technical Parameters
Product TypeSCL-80(A)SCL-82(A)
Installation MethodInsertion-typeExternal-type
Number of Sonic ChannelDual-channelSingle-channelDual-channelSingle-channel
Accuracy ClassClass 0.5/Class 1.0Class 1.0Class 1.0/Class 1.5Class 1.5
Adaptable Pipe MaterialMaterial like steel, cast iron, cement, PE and PVC etc., which pipeline can be drilled for mountingMaterial like steel, cast iron, PE and PVC etc., which pipeline can be mounted with transducer
MediumWater, sewage or other homogeneous fluids in full pipe flow, suspended solid content<10g/L
Nominal DiameterDN80~DN1800
Working Environment of Main UnitTemperature: 0°C~+45°C, humidity: ≤95% (+25°C) (For special environment, please specify on ordering)Temperature: -10°C~+45°C, humidity: ≤95% (+25°C) (For special environment, please specify on ordering)
Velocity Range±0.01m/s~±12.00m/s
Protection ClassIP65
Main Unit OutputRS-485, optical-isolation active 4-20mA
Data StorageCumulative flowrate, cumulative running time and parameters cab be stored; Current 150-day daily historical data and current 60-month monthly historical data can be automatically stored; Data can be stored for 100 years after power failure
Explosion Proof TypeFactory explosion proof and intrinsically safe type
Explosion Proof Symbol

Ex d [ib] I Mb

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