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SCL-61HF Valve-control Ultrasonic Water Meter

1. No mechanical moving parts and abrasion for long lifetime.
2. Large nominal range, superior to Class D.
3. Low initial flowrate, up to 0.0015m³/h, achieving drip-metering.
4. Integration of high-precision measurement and NB-IoT, immediate alarm for abnormity.
5. Micro power consumption technology, battery powered, one battery can work continuously over 10 years.
1. Valve-patent innovation, break through traditional thinking in ball-valve.
2. High-precision measurement and self-verification for immediate alarm for abnormities in meters and water use.
3. Convenient design in far end and near end valves, enhance payment collection.
4. With NB-IoT, the platform realizes automatic remote control of valves.
5. Use APP function on mobile phone to realize manual control of valves.
6. Rating of upstream/downstream flow field sensitivity: U0/D0.
It is applied in prepayment and payment collection for water supply measurement, improving the collection rate of water charge.

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Technical Parameters
Accuracy ClassClass 2
Nominal DiameterDN15~DN25
Dynamic Range


Maximum Working Pressure1.6MPa
Working Environment-25℃~55℃,≤100%RH (If the range is exceeded, please specify on ordering)
Rating of Temp.T30
Rating of Upstream Flow Field SensitivityU0
Rating of Downstream Flow Field SensitivityD0
Category of Climate & Mechanical Environment ConditionsClass C
Class of Electromagnetic CompatibilityE2
Data CommunicationOptical Interface/NB-IoT
Data StorageThe data of the past 24 months can be automatically stored; Current 3-month daily historical data; Current 60 log records; Current 100 alarms; Data can be stored for 100 years after power failure
Power SupplyBattery powered, one battery can work continuously over 10 years
Alarm ReportReal-time alarm of abnormal data
Protection ClassIP68

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