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SCL-77 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

1. Ultrasonic flow measurement technology with multiple-channel design and large diameter, improve the accuracy under complex flow regime.
2. Integrated mechanical design with protection class of IP68, able to work in long-term water immersion.
3. Fine stability and no magnetic interference.
4. Multiple transmission methods, NB-IoT, 4G, GPRS and GSM, forms monitoring system.
5. Pt1000 platinum resistance for heat accumulation.
1. Low initial flowrate, high accuracy class (class 0.5), double-direction measurement.
2. Inserted Installation, small installation space, installation and maintenance with flow and pressure.
3. Micro power consumption technology, measurement cycle 1s, battery-powered with lifetime over 10 years.
Aiming at the district measurement of urban water supply pipeline network, it can meet the demand of accurate measurement and settlement of water supply pipeline network, which is conducive to the promotion of refined management of water supply enterprises.

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Technical Parameters
MediumWater, sewage, seawater or other homogeneous fluids in full pipe flow
Nominal DiameterDN65~DN150
Accuracy ClassClass 1/Class 2
Max. Permissible Pressure1.6MPa
Working Environment-25°C~55°C ,≤100%RH (If the range is exceeded, please specify on ordering)
Class of Upstream Flow Field SensitivityU5
Class of Downstream Flow Field SensitivityD3
Data CommunicationOptical Interface/RF/M-Bus
Data StorageUsing EEPROM for storage of cumulative flowrate and cumulative running time by day and month; Data can be stored for 100 years after power failure; The data of the past 60 days and 24 months can be automatically stored
Power SupplyBattery powered, one battery can work continuously over 10 years
Protection ClassIP68

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