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Micro Power Measurement Technology

Combined with the high-sensitivity sensor with micro power consumption, the circuit design of ultrasonic flow measurement with micro power consumption greatly reduces the power consumption of the meter and one battery can continuously work over 10 years.

Ultrasonic Multi-channel Layout Technology

The continuous innovation and optimalization of sonic channel from center-passing layout, string-passing layout and dual-fracture layout to multi-channel network layout, continuously improves the stability of accurate measurement under uncertain measurement and complex flow regime.

IP68 Protection Technology

Integrated mechanical design with protection class of IP68, which is formed by several units, ensures the stable operation of the meter.

Multi-functional Modular Technology for Flow Measurement

The module is based on digital signal processing (DSP) and integrates a number of proprietary technologies including amplification of low-distortion signal, automatic gain control of signal, high-speed digital-to-analog conversion, high-precision and time difference measurement with high-resolution to achieve a time difference resolution of 12ps and reach the international leading level.

Large Diameter Measurement Technology with Micro Power Consumption

Battery powered technology can realize the digitization of ultrasonic received signal and effectively identify interference signal and waveform jitter; The development of high-sensitivity sensor with micro power consumption can effectively improve the ultrasonic signal strength and ensure the stable measurement of large diameter meters.

Intensive Collection and Compression Reporting Technology

With 5G IoT, intelligent data compression technology is designed to realize the reporting of intensive every-second collected data, so as to provide guarantee for the service life of battery powered products. Meanwhile, intensive collected data is more conducive to the requirements of intelligence and refined management, providing data basis for the “new infrastructure construction of metering products” of intelligent city.

Surge Identification and Processing Technology

There may be flow surge in the pipe network caused by pressure fluctuation and airbag effect. Adopting intelligent data analysis algorithm, intelligent ultrasonic water meter can effectively identify and process the flow surge to guarantee the accurate measurement in practical applications.

None-real Flow Verification Technology

The real flow verification cost of large diameter flow sensors is high, and the real flow verification of the flow sensors whose diameters are larger than DN2000 is difficult to realize. The non-real flow verification technology can solve the accuracy problem of the measurement of ultrasonic flow sensors with large diameter.

Manufacturing Technology of Ultrasonic Sensor

The structural design and manufacturing from normal temperature & pressure type to high temperature & pressure type can guarantee the stable and long-term application under various temperature and pressure conditions and the consistency of sensors, effectively ensuring the metering performance of ultrasonic flow measurement products.

Drilling Technology with Pressure and Inserted Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Technology

The design of inserted ultrasonic flow sensor completely solves poor stability and reliability of long-term measurement by external-type ultrasonic flowmeters. The on-line drilling installation technology with pressure ensures the installation without water cut-off.

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