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Huizhong's smart water supply platform won “Hebei Informatization Innovation Achievement Award”

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Recently, Hebei Information Industry and Informatization Association announced the award-winning results of “Excellent Informatization Enterprises, Informatization Innovation Achievements and Excellent CIO in Hebei Province in 2020”. Huizhong's big data application platform based on intelligent water meter of Internet of things (smart water supply platform) has won “Hebei Informatization Innovation Achievement Award in 2020”.


Huizhong's award-winning project “big data application platform based on intelligent water meter of Internet of things (smart water supply platform)” focuses on the strategic development goal of water supply industry. With the direction of “achieving energy saving and consumption reduction, reducing pipe network leakage, improving water sales management level, and enhancing water supply service quality", the project realizes the intelligent operation of water supply through whole-process management of water supply and deep exploration in the big data of water supply.

Application of water supply big data

Based on the analysis of big data of water supply, Huizhong intelligent water supply platform continuously optimizes the water supply dispatching plan to realize energy saving and consumption reduction. Through the unique district measurement solution, the data of pipe network leakage are analyzed, and the areas and types of leakage which need to be treated are diagnosed, realizing the goal of leakage reduction. Accurate big data analysis assists water supply enterprise managers easily and conveniently monitor water quantity and operation of pipe network, timely finding out the problems of the pipe network, and ensuring water supply safety.

Report on residential water

Huizhong's intelligent water supply platform will also provide monthly analysis report on water meter for water supply enterprises. The report integrates the operation status of online water meters, abnormal water users in the current month, the overall water use situation of the community and several suggestions for improvement measures, so as to truly realize that data serves for management and improve efficiency through data analysis.

Active service

Huizhong's intelligent water supply platform makes full use of big data analysis, which will present various situations as early warning that may lead to user disputes to water supply enterprises in advance, help water supply enterprises realize the transformation from “passive service” to “active service”, and enhance the users' sense of service acquisition.

The applet—smart water housekeeper

For the convenience of real-time water data review, Huizhong has developed a WeChat applet named “smart water housekeepers”. After logging in, users can check daily water consumption details, household leakage analysis, abnormal alarm and water fee payment. It also provides data basis for children of families with elderly people living alone to know their parents' recent situation, and benefits the health and safety of elderly people who live alone.


Huizhong's intelligent water supply platform provides accurate basis for water supply enterprises in resource saving, scientific decision-making and intelligent control, and creates a good opportunity for the digital transformation of water supply industry.

In the future, Huizhong will continue to perfect innovative R & D data service, actively explore technological development and intelligence upgrading, effectively improve customer service ability, and empower the digital transformation and informatization development of the industry. 

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