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Huizhong was listed as the individual champion in manufacturing enterprises of Hebei Province

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Recently, Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Informatization announced the list of the second batch of provincial manufacturing individual champions in 2020, Huizhong was on the list, which indicates that Huizhong has entered the first rank of manufacturing enterprises in Hebei Province, and its development level and market strength are highly recognized.

It is reported that the provincial individual champion of manufacturing industry aims to guide the manufacturing industry to focus on market innovation, quality improvement and brand cultivation of subdivided products. It represents the highest development level and the strongest market strength of Hebei's subdivided industries and it is the pioneer of “Hebei manufacturing”. The awarded enterprises should focus on one or two markets of specific subdivided products in manufacturing industry, and the market shares of main products should rank among the top five in China or in the whole province.

In recent years, Huizhong has continued to make efforts in intelligent manufacturing, established “intelligent manufacturing workshop for ultrasonic flow measurements products”, accelerated the layout of intelligent factories, and greatly improved manufacturing quality and efficiency. Huizhong will continue to perfect the management system of product lifecycle, realize the whole-process monitoring and analysis of products from planning to marketing, and lead the informatization and digital transformation of manufacturing industry. Investment in scientific research and innovation will be increased, and the core technology will be strengthened to enhance the ability of independent innovation and the core competitiveness of products. Meanwhile, high-end scientific and technological achievements will be applied to production and manufacturing, so as to enhance the in-depth development of intelligence and automatization.

Huizhong will continue keep intensive cultivation in subdivided products, continuously focus on innovation and quality improvement, enhance market competitiveness, and create personal customization, enhancing the high-quality development of manufacturing industry and contributing to the construction of a strong manufacturing province in Hebei.


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