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Smart Elderly Care with Science and Technology

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The project of “innovative intelligent service mode of water supply - free installation of intelligent water meters for the elderly living alone" jointly carried out by Huizhong and Shunkong Development Co., Ltd. of Guangdong has been running stably for several months. In addition to providing data monitoring for the safety of the elderly living alone, it has also produced significant social benefits and economic values. 

After the launching of smart water supply monitoring platform in Shunde, the data of the installed ultrasonic water meters is stably transmitted to the platform, and the data reporting rate reaches 100%. Meanwhile, through the monitoring and analysis of big data and alarm service, it also helps enterprises detect leakage problems, including leaving taps running, housing vacancy, water leakage and other problems. Then the situations are verified by personnel, which provides accurate data to avoid water resources waste.


Smart elderly care with science and technology

With the acceleration of aging, the number of the elderly living alone and empty nest elderly is also increasing year by year, and the needs for fine and warm elderly services are also gradually growing. With innovative service mode and scientific & technological supporting products, Huizhong ensures the safety of the elderly living alone, and continuously enables the monitoring and management service system for the elderly living alone to serve them with smart products and services, promoting the deepening development of smart elderly care.

Huizhong will actively practice corporate social responsibility and make more customers feel the care of science and technology with more refined and humanized service mode. In addition, Huizhong will continue to pay attention to the problems in the industry, and develop the customer needs in different scenarios, promoting the reform and development of the industry.

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