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Empower industry infrastructure construction and assist to build a modern infrastructure system

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The 11th meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Committee held on April 26 emphasized the need of comprehensively strengthen infrastructure construction, build a modern infrastructure system, and lay a solid foundation for building a modern socialism country in an all-round way. The meeting pointed out that "it is necessary to scientifically plan, implement new development concepts, based on the whole life cycle, coordinate the layout of various infrastructures, and achieve interconnection, co-construction and sharing, and coordination and linkage." “Accelerate the construction of the main skeleton and arteries of the national water network, and promote the construction and modernization of key water sources, irrigation areas, and flood storage and detention areas.” "It is necessary to strengthen agricultural and rural infrastructure construction, improve farmland water conservancy facilities, strengthen high-standard farmland construction, implement large-scale water supply projects, and promote agricultural and rural modernization with infrastructure modernization."

As an overall solution provider, Huizhong integrates "products + solutions + services", Huizhong' s solution have been widely used in the infrastructure construction of water supply, heating, water conservancy and other industries with comprehensive smart metering products, integrated smart management platforms, and systematic smart solutions.

Draw a magnificent blueprint for water conservancy

Smart water conservancy and scientific water transfer are inseparable from accurate and stable metering terminals and reliable metering solutions. Huizhong's extensive ultrasonic metering product line and innovative water conservancy solutions are conducive to promoting the improvement of the data collection level of water conservancy projects, assisting the industry's big data analysis and informationization development, and providing scientific basis for the management department to formulate relevant policies. With its excellent product and solution advantages, Huizhong has successfully participated in many large-scale water conservancy projects.

Facilitate the smart operation of water supply

Huizhong has built a powerful smart water supply metering terminal system, with a wild caliber range covering DN15-DN15000, and the application field includes the whole water supply chain from original water source, to factory water, urban water supply network, industrial and commercial water, and residential water. The smart water supply platform built with technologies such as cloud computing and big data realizes digital intelligent management from water supply to water consumption. Relying on the water supply metering terminal and the smart water supply platform, Huizhong deeply empowers the large-scale implementation and deployment of smart meters in the water supply industry and helps the industry to operate intelligently.

Innovation leads to intelligent heating

With a complete heating product system, innovative service model, and professional operation and maintenance team, Huizhong provides their customers with hardware and software products, technical solutions and service support, laying a foundation for the safe and stable heating. Delicate management helps to save energy and reduce consumption of heating, and contributes to the realization of the national "dual carbon" goal.

Digitalization of intelligent heating

Huizhong takes advantage of its full series of ultrasonic flow measurement products to build a set of intelligent terminal products covering the entire heating industry chain. The application fields include heat sources, pipe networks, thermal stations, commercial buildings and households, which can provide the heating industry with full process of measurement and data support.

Smart management platform builds data intelligence

Huizhong has built an intelligent heating platform for heating suppliers that integrates data monitoring, equipment management, energy consumption analysis, and balance adjustment. Relying on the multiple advantages of the platform, it can assist heating suppliers to realize scientific operation scheduling and efficient operation and maintenance management, enhance the auxiliary decision-making ability of heating suppliers, and effectively achieve on-demand heating, energy saving and consumption reduction.

Huizhong will continue to empower the industry infrastructure construction with intelligent metering terminal equipment covering the entire process of water supply, heating, and water conservancy industries, assist to build a modern infrastructure system, and lay a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the industry.

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