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Huizhong's resident ultrasonic water meter set sail for digital productivity innovation

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Under the background of industrial transformation and upgrading, the pursuit of technological upgrading and continuous promotion of innovation are the core driving forces for the sustainable development of enterprises. As a representative enterprise in the industry, Huizhong adheres to the concept of "innovation is the soul of Huizhong", and continuously explores customers’ needs, pays attention to customer experience, and actively serves the water suppliers. At present, Huizhong's intelligent ultrasonic metering products have covered the high-precision flow metering of the whole process from the tap to the source of the water supply enterprise.

In recent years, Huizhong has actively cooperated with water suppliers to jointly explore how to use the big data advantages of smart resident ultrasonic water meters to carry out digital applications of smart water supply, thereby improving the refined management level of water suppliers and achieving cooperation projects in accurate big data services.

Empowering accurate "anti-epidemic" and precise inspection

Facing of the normalization of the epidemic, we have to implement careful and detailed anti-epidemic policies, moreover, the intervention of scientific and technological methods are also required. Under strict prevention and control measures, Huizhong’s residential ultrasonic meters have been wildly used in practice as the representative of digitalized metering products.

Based on the big data attributes of the water meter and the daily consumption statistics, the accurate online investigation of the water consumption of the residents is achieved through the big data analysis of the remote operation and maintenance system, which effectively avoids the cross-infection risk caused by the traditional door-to-door inspection method, and the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control is also improved. The successful implementation of this project has provided new ideas and decision-making basis for anti-epidemic policies, and enabling digital and precise anti-epidemic.

Efficient leakage analysis achieved refined management

At present, most of the meters used in old residential areas are traditional water meters, and there are common problems such as inaccurate estimation and incorrect results, which lead to disputes and high leakage of the areas.

Relying on the residential water meter’s advantages of low initial flow rate and high accuracy level, as well as the big data analysis and real-time alarm function of the intelligent water supply platform, Huizhong’s residential ultrasonic water meters can timely analyze the abnormal water consumption of residents and accurately locate the suspicious water leakage , while bringing service improvement to water suppliers, it also improves residents' intelligent water consumption ability, realizes the intelligent operation of water supply business, and provides a guarantee for the refined management of water supply.

The digital and intelligent performance of Huizhong's resident ultrasonic water meter has been widely used in domestic smart water supply metering projects, and has been successfully implemented overseas.

Huizhong will seize the opportunity of digital water supply reform, and continue to promote industry revolution with technological innovation, build digital productivity with industrial transformation, and comprehensively boost the construction of digitalizing smart water supply.

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