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Empowering the green development of the industry and contributing to the "dual carbon" era

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April 22 is the 53rd Earth Day. In the new era of "dual carbon", the propaganda theme of "cherishing the earth, harmonious coexistence between human-being and nature" has become the current social consensus, however, it is still necessary to strongly convert the consensus into action, to achieve the goal of resource conservation and energy saving under the " dual carbon" target.

Under the new circumstances of "dual carbon", if the water supplying and heating industry wants to implement the new development concept and build a new development pattern, the reform of intelligent measurement needs to be intensified and the transformation of energy saving is imperative. Huizhong has always been adhering to the concept of green development and deeply cultivating ultrasonic flow measurement, relying on proprietary core technology and O&M precipitation, with innovative product system, intelligent management platform and customized O&M service, to build the foundation for the construction of resource-saving environment.

"Huizhong sets sail for the water conservation measurement." Huizhong's intelligent water supply takes full advantages of the whole process and system of products, effectively monitor water use abnormalities and promote the efficiency of water use based on the accurate measurement. At the same time, Huizhong actively developed its own smart water supply platform and built a smart solution system from multiple angles to help water supply enterprises start a new smart water supply management mode.

Huizhong has always been the pioneer of energy saving. Huizhong smart heating terminal products chain has covered every segments of heating industry, can accurately obtain the whole process metering data of heat source, heat network, heat exchange station and end users At the same time, relying on the multiple advantages of the intelligent heating platform, it helps heating enterprises realize scientific operation and scheduling, efficient O&M management, enhances the auxiliary decision-making ability of heating enterprises, and effectively achieves heat supply on demand, energy saving and consumption reduction.

Huizhong aims to continuously impel the development of global water and energy saving, and improve the industry intelligent operation with refined management, empower the industrial energy conservation management with customized solutions, and inject new momentum into the green and the harmonious development of the water supply and heating industry.

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