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Huizhong's Intelligent Water Supply Platform with Big Data

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In the project of “innovative intelligent service mode of water supply - free installation of intelligent water meters for the elderly living alone" in Shunde, Guangdong Province, Huizhong’s intelligent ultrasonic water meter shows its unique advantages in performance and transmission. Actually, the intelligent water supply platform also plays a vital role in analyzing the water use habits of the elderly living alone and sending alarms. 

Focusing on the strategic development objectives of the water supply industry, the smart water supply platform of Huizhong realize the smart operation of water supply business through the whole-process management of water supply business and the in-depth development of big data in the direction of “realizing energy saving and consumption reduction, reducing leakage rate of pipe network, improving the management level of water sales, and enhancing the service quality of water supply”.

Multifunctional application of intelligent water supply platform

Huizhong’s smart water supply platform integrates cloud computing, big data, GIS, 5G IoT and other technologies, and realizes the integration of tap water production data, water supply pipe network data, water supply pressure, flowrate, water temperature, alarms and other dynamic information and historical data based on the functions of water supply metering monitoring, automatic alarm, data statistical analysis and automatic settlement of water volume. The whole process management including tap water transmission and distribution, district measurement, leakage accounting and user service is realized, providing comprehensive, reliable, flexible and convenient support and guarantee for basic monitoring, business management, decision support, public service and intelligent analysis of water supply enterprises, so as to improve the overall service level.

Clear water use data for accurate analysis of water use behaviors

Through the intelligent analysis of water use data, Huizhong’s smart water supply platform can accurately analyze the water use habits of water users (especially the elderly living alone) in the form of reports, dynamically monitor the living conditions of the elderly and find abnormal water use in time. In addition, through the “AI water-use data analysis algorithm” built in the platform, the user portraits, water use behaviors and other information can be analyzed and obtained, and the abnormal water use of the elderly can also be monitored according to the analysis results.

Multi-channel alarm for active service

For the special group of “the elderly living alone”, after installing Huizhong’s intelligent ultrasonic water meter, an information database of elderly living alone can be established in the smart water supply platform, and as the key users in the platform, an alarm can be set separately. If it is defined as abnormal water use (daily water consumption is less than threshold) after big data analysis, the alarm will be issued immediately and the multi-channel reminders for alarm will be carried out in the form of linkage.

In addition to providing alarm information for the elderly living alone, the platform makes full use of big data analysis to present various situations that may lead to user disputes in the form of early warning, so as help water supply enterprises realize the transformation from “passive service” to “active service” and enhance the service perception of water user.   

Monthly analysis report for management efficiency improvement

The platform also provides monthly analysis report of water meter for water supply enterprises which integrates the operation status of meter, abnormal water uses of the current month, overall water use in the community and suggested improvement measures, truly realizing that perfect the management with data and improve the efficiency with data analysis.

The platform provides an accurate basis for water supply enterprises in big data analysis, resource saving, scientific decision and intelligent control, and creates good opportunity for digital transformation in water supply industry under the circumstance of new infrastructure construction, accurately enabling the high-quality information development of the industry.

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