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The Interim Report & Performance Exchange of Huizhong in 2021 was Successfully Held

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On August 19th, the Interim Report & Performance Exchange of Huizhong in 2021 was successfully held in Shenzhen. Feng Dapeng, Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Huizhong attended the conference and had in-depth exchanges with the present investment institutions and analysts. Meanwhile, he answered the questions related to Huizhong’s development from the investors at the conference.


At the conference, he gave an account of Huizhong’s performance in the first half of 2021, introduced the current business situation with the theme of “creating an ultrasonic technology philosophy, planning a business development dynamic”, and explained the development trend of industry and technology as well as company’s development strategy.

A new ultrasonic technology philosophy

It mainly refers to the R & D and sales of standardized flow sensor components by Huizhong and the technical output to traditional mechanical water meters, gas meters and meter manufacturers which are transformed to ultrasonic water meters. It enhances customers’ simper and quicker application of ultrasonic flow measurement technology, and their own production ability of water meters, promoting ultrasonic flow measurement technology to a greater extent and improving the market penetration of this industry.

A new business development dynamic

Currently, water supply industry is developing with the direction of “digitization of water supply industry” and “digital industrialization of water supply”.

“Digitalization of water supply industry” is embodied in various processes including water production, water transfer, water service and water consumption, which integrates the whole chains into industrial data and then provides customers analysis data. The dynamic range of Huizhong ultrasonic flow measurement meters covers from DN15 to DN15000, which realizes the full applications in water source, factory water, water diversion & transfer, urban water supply network, urban-rural water supply, industrial water and residential water, and lays a data foundation for “digitalization of water supply industry”.

“Digital industrialization of water supply” is currently in its exploration, and subsequently may be extended in improving governance level, which is consistent with Huizhong’s development strategy. Currently, on the strategic basis of “transformation & upgrading”, Huizhong has further developed the guideline of “intelligent manufacturing as the basis, R & D and service are complementary”.

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