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New Image, New Upgrading--Huizhong Website was Launched with a New Appearance

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In order to apply its brand and philosophy, the newly revised Huizhong website was officially launched through great efforts. Starting from “meeting customers’ needs”, the website has been comprehensively optimized and upgraded in terms of overall framework, function and style, with diversified contents and clear logic, which greatly facilitates visitors to look up, and better highlights Huizhong’s philosophy of “transformation & upgrading, service & innovation”.

Highlight 1: new image, new experience

The website is comprehensively improved in terms of cutting-edge design, dynamic display, as well as science and technology-oriented style, which makes visitors amazed and highlights the core strength and corporate culture of Huizhong.


Highlight 2: diversified contents, clear logic

The revised version is divided into seven sections, namely “about us”, “smart water”, “smart heating”, “smart industry”, “smart water conservancy”, “news & event” and “download center”, with industry focus and clear classification, which makes visitors quickly and accurately look up the required contents.


Highlight 3: Chinese-English switch

The website includes Chinese and English contents which can be switched in real time through clicking “language” at the top of the page. With consistent layout and synchronously updated contents, it is undoubted that it provides a channel for overseas customers to know more information about Huizhong.


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