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Local Standard of Hebei Province Drafted by Huizhong was Officially Released

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Recently, the local standard of Hebei Province DB13/T 5424-2021 “Technical Specifications for Urban Water Supply IoT Metering System” drafted by Huizhong was approved and released by Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Hebei Province. 

This standard specifies the composition of urban water supply IoT metering system, as well as the technical specifications for IoT perception layer, transmission layer and application system, etc. It is an in-depth research and experience summary on the construction of urban water supply IoT metering system, which has sufficient preparation basis, advanced technology and scientific indicators.


Its implementation provides a technical basis for the construction of urban water supply IoT metering system, which is an important technical achievement in urban smart water supply. It will meet the water supply enterprises’ needs for informatization, digitalization and intellectualization, and effectively guides the operation and management of IoT metering system, which is of great significance to improve its service and quality and build an urban water supply IoT metering system with unified standard, strong expansibility and high quality. It will be implemented on August 28th, 2021.

Participating in the drafting of this standard fully reflects Huizhong’s advanced technology in smart water supply, and highlights the comprehensive ability embodied in the design of intelligent ultrasonic meters and the R & D of smart water system platform.

Huizhong will continue to upgrade its technology, and introduce the products that conform to the national and industrial standards, providing more guaranteed service and explore a new prospect of technological innovation.

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