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Lead the Transformation of Service-oriented Manufacturing with Innovative Service Mode

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Since the implementation of the transformation and upgrading strategy, Huizhong has always led the transformation of service-oriented manufacturing with innovative service mode. Huizhong continues to explore service-oriented metering business and provides customers with comprehensive services including the sales, installation, monitoring, maintenance and replacement of meters, as well as the transmission, storage, analysis and reports of measurement data.

Transformation from “passive service” to “active service”

Under the circumstance of “new infrastructure”, Huizhong, through smart water supply platform and heat supply platform, using big data analysis, IoT, cloud computing and other technologies, provides service-oriented metering business for users, helps customers realize the transformation from “passive service” to “active service”, and promotes the construction of smart community and smart city. 

Enhance service transformation with technology

With the strategic transformation & upgrading and business project expansion, Huizhong continuously adjusts and optimizes the R & D management system and builds up the high-quality R & D team with the goal of preciseness, efficiency and refinement. While conducting in-depth researches on ultrasonic flow measurement technology, Huizhong also continues to increase R & D investment in IoT technology, and intelligent application and industrial design based on big data. Huizhong fully integrates product design and intelligent manufacturing, and realizes the combination of big data application technology and intelligent solution, enhancing service transformation with technology.

Deepen intelligent service with intelligent manufacturing

According to the deployment of transformation & upgrading strategy, Huizhong has successfully built an intelligent manufacturing system of ultrasonic flow measurement products with strong comprehensive strength. With the operation of intelligent manufacturing workshop and platform, various intelligent production lines and management systems, Huizhong has realized intelligent ordering, flexible customization, life cycle management and intelligent storage, and promoted the upgrading of intelligent service and product quality.

Successfully establish Huizhong’s service brand

During the process of service-oriented manufacturing transformation, the marketing mode of Huizhong begins to realize the transformation from traditional product-sale mode to service-sale mode, from single hardware sale to technical solution popularization. In order to provide better service, Huizhong has established a customer service center, owned a team with excellent skill, personnel and service, and continued to increase investment in after-sales service, system service and remote operation & maintenance service. After that, Huizhong provides customers with responsive and professional service, truly satisfies customer needs, and improves their satisfaction, which successfully established Huizhong’s service brand. 

With the resolute implementation of transformation and upgrading, Huizhong continues to deepen the awareness of transformation, strengthens service transformation, and innovates service mode based on core technology, to promotes the high-quality and leaping development of manufacturing industry.

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