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WeChat Video and Tik Tok of Huizhong Have been Officially Launched

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Huizhong officially launched WeChat video and Tik Tok in order to further broaden its publicity channels, comprehensively and extensively display its brand image, and expand its brand recognition.

The WeChat video and Tik Tok of Huizhong are new paths developed from WeChat subscription, which will tell Huizhong story, display Huizhong image and transmit Huizhong voice with more diverse forms, more flexible expressions and more wonderful contents.

Let’s get on the New Media Express together to understand a deeper, more diversified and three-dimensional Huizhong.

Subscription tutorial on WeChat video

Open WeChat-Discover-Channels-Search-Huizhong, then you can find our official account, and click “subscription” on the home page. After browsing the pushed wonderful videos, do not forget to click “likes”, comment and share.


Subscription tutorial on Tik Tok

Open Tik Tok App, input “Huizhong Instrumentation Co., Ltd.” or “HZ300371” in the search box which is in the right upper corner, and then click “subscription” to get more video news of our company. Please do remember to click “likes”, comment and share.


Welcome to WeChat video and Tik Tok, browse our videos and actively interact with us. We are waiting for you.

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