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Visit the Revolutionary Base and Absorb the Striving Strength

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The original intention still remains fresh through a magnificent hundred years. In order to actively response to the call of the educational activity in the theme of “remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind” of the Party Central Committee, promote the employees to remember the party’s struggle process and learn the history of our party, as well as strengthen their faith and spirit, and absorb intelligence and strength from the party’s hundred-year struggle history, recently the party branch of Huizhong went to the former residence of Li Dazhao and Li Dazhao Memorial Hall in Leting, Hebei Province to carry out the thematical party-day activity of “on the revolutionary journey”.


The members of Huizhong participated in this activity detailly studied the short but great 38-year life course of Li Dazhao through the interpretation of professional personnel. “Iron shoulders take duties, smart hands write articles” is used for Li Dazhao’s self-encouragement, and a true portray of the struggle of his own life. His devotion to the liberation of the Chinese people, his belief in Marxism and the infinite loyalty to the revolutionary future of the proletariat, as well as his undaunted dedication to the founding and development of the Communist Movement in China, will always set brilliant examples for the future revolutionaries. 

When passed by the white marble statue of Li Dazhao, all the members reviewed the discipline with excitement.

History never goes away. Only by remembering history can we better move towards the future. Visiting the revolutionary base is not only the building of the party spirit, but also the baptism of the soul. Then the party branch of Huizhong will continue to organize party members and the masses to absorb revolutionary spirit through continuous learning, strengthen the belief of loving the party and patriotism, so as to realize “learning history for understanding, for confidence, for ethics, and for practice”, and present a gift to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with practical actions. 

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