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Huizhong Devotes Itself to Water Saving and Energy Saving

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March 22nd, 2021 is the 29th World Water Day and the opening for the 34th China Water Week. The theme of the World Water Day is “Valuing Water”. As the practitioner of smart water supply and the pioneer of scientific water saving, Huizhong has always been in the forefront of water saving and energy saving, guaranteeing the intelligent development of water saving.

The pioneer of water saving and energy saving

As a water supply metering enterprise and the provider of energy control solution, Huizhong has been engaged in the field of ultrasonic flow measurement for nearly 30 years, actively assumed corporate responsibility and contributed to the development of global water saving and energy saving. It takes the product advantages of whole process and system, and effectively monitors “escaping, emitting, dripping and leakage” on the basis of accurate measurement, so as to make the water resources management more scientific and standardized. Meanwhile, our company actively pays attention to the development of smart supporting management system, builds smart solution system from multiple perspectives, promoting the rapid realization of refined management of the industry and efficient utilization of water resources.

Rapid construction of smart water network

With the gradual improvement in the construction of smart water, the effect of digital transformation in the industry has gradually become obvious. Huizhong continues to improve the R & D and upgrading ability of software and system, deeply develop massive data, provide accurate data collection and analysis by big data, helping water supply enterprises realize resource conservation, scientific decision and intelligent control, and opening a new mode—intensive intelligent water supply service with more comprehensive perception and more timely response.


Improvement of water-saving awareness

Improving water-saving awareness is an important prerequisite for building a water-saving society. Huizhong provides water users with water analysis reports. While helping water users understand their own water use situation, Huizhong deeply develops the water use habits, so as to truly realize that data serves management and efficiency is improved by analysis. Meanwhile, the WeChat applet “smart water housekeeper” of Huizhong makes it easier for water users to check the leakage analysis and abnormal data and put forward improvement measures, improving water-saving awareness and developing water-saving habits from daily water use, and finally reducing the waste of water resources. 


Strengthening of smart operation in the field of water conservancy

Water conservancy project is related to economic development and people’s well-being. Rational allocation and efficient utilization of water resources are the focuses of strengthening water conservancy construction. In 2020, Huizhong participated in the tunnel diversion metering of Laluo Water Control Project in Tibet. The multi-channel ultrasonic flowmeter used in the project successfully assisted the accurate measurement of water volume in the tunnel, and the real-time transmission data also played a key role in controlling the opening degree of valves. 

Huizhong devotes itself to water saving and energy saving. Huizhong will continue to insist on the new development concept, improve the intelligent operation in the industry with refined management, enable energy-saving management with innovative solutions, making full use of the leading role of the market, and promoting the green, stable and high-quality development of the industry with practical actions.

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