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Build Honest Brand and Perform Corporate Responsibility

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Honesty is a solid base of high-quality brand building and an important foundation for enterprise reputation building. The annual 3·15 International Customer Rights Day arrived as scheduled. Huizhong unswervingly follows the road of “honest brand”, practices it corporate responsibility with actions, wins customer trust with honesty, and guarantees customer service with its brand.

Build high-quality brand with honesty

“Honesty keeping and brand building” is the persistence and faith of Huizhong people. Huizhong always adheres to the concept of “taking honesty as principle” and honest management mode. They interpret honesty with actions, build brand with honesty, assumes the social responsibility of the brand and then grows step by step into a benchmark for the construction of honest enterprises in the industry. 

Promote quality upgrading with intelligent manufacturing

Improve quality with intelligent manufacturing, and perform honesty with brand. Quality is the basis of brand, the guarantee of market, and also the responsibility to customers. With the development of intelligent manufacturing era, there are higher requirements for product quality and metering performance in the field of ultrasonic metering. With the intelligent manufacturing platform for ultrasonic flow metering products, Huizhong builds efficient product chain with intelligence, enables high-quality development with technological innovation, continuously promoting the deepening transformation of intelligent manufacturing and stable upgrading of product quality. 

Build good reputation with service

Good reputation is the biggest recognition of customers in Huizhong. Huizhong insists on meeting the customers’ needs as guidance, and always advocates the priority of customer rights and interests, fulfilling the commitments to customers with high-quality service and standardized system.

Meanwhile, the service standards are refined in our company. The transformation from paying attention to product and quality to thinking from the perspective of customers is also realized. Fully listening to customers’ demands, and accurately understanding the potential need of customers, our company is anxious when customers feel anxious and thinks about what customers will think to be a high-quality enterprise that can make customers feel at ease and satisfied.

Huizhong not only pays attention to building honesty brand, but also actively plays the leading role of its brand, and sticks to honesty for a long term. Our company also promotes the development of enterprise honesty for the joint building of honest environment and creation of harmonious development.

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