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Zhang gujiang did an investigation in Huizhong

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On the afternoon of August, 30th, Zhang gujiang, member of the Standing Committee of Hebei Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Tangshan Municipal Party Committee, visited private enterprises to do an investigation. He stressed that government should thoroughly apply General Secretary Xi jinping's important instructions on private economy and important speech published during the investigation in Chengde and comprehensively implement the provincial reform of “streamlining the government, delegating power, and improving government services” and the deployments of promoting private economy development on the Work Conference, the 11th Municipal Party Congress and the Municipal “NPC & CPPCC”. Government services should be optimized to help private enterprises to relieve difficulties and improve quality and efficiency, enhancing the high-quality development of private economy. Chen Yu, member of the Standing Committee and Secretary General of Tangshan Municipal Party Committee, participated in this investigation.


Huizhong is the first stop this investigation. Through the introduction to Huizhong by Zhang lixin, the Board Chairman, Zhang gujiang learned about Huizhong history and the construction of intelligent manufacturing platforms, and entered the intelligent manufacturing workshops to inspect the processes on the spot. He also hopes that Huizhong will further enhance its independent R & D ability, seize the opportunities of “two major tasks, and one new development” and actively expand its market to strive for greater breakthroughs and better achievements. 

He also stressed that private enterprise is an important force to promote the city's economic and social development and plays an irreplaceable role in stable growth, innovation, employment and people livelihood during this investigation. Relevant departments at various levels should earnestly improve their service awareness, give full play to their functions, as well as apply policies and solve problems to the best of their ability, to help private enterprises to relieve difficulties and improve quality and efficiency. Government should strengthen the alliance with private enterprises, and build a relationship between government and enterprises with “closeness” and “honesty”, creating an atmosphere for the development and growth of private enterprises, for effectively enhancing the confidence and determination of private enterprises for industry revitalization and innovative development. The private entrepreneurs should vigorously carry forward entrepreneurship, grasp the general trend and work hard, striving to make more achievements and greater contributions in “Three Targets with Efforts” in the new era. 

Source: Tangshan Labor Daily

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