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A New Round of Heating Season is Coming, and Huizhong is Deliciated to Heating Work

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The weather is gradually turning cold, and a new round of heating season is coming in advance in several northern provinces including Hebei Province. Huizhong made advance planning and elaborated deployment, to comprehensively carry out heating inspection before the heating season, guaranteeing the safe and stable operation of heating work. 

Complete heating system to ensure stable operation of heating

Huizhong smart heating system has developed into a comprehensive and professional service system integrating a full range of products, smart platform, remote operation & maintenance, on-site service and overall management. It not only helps heating enterprises detect the whole-process data, but also timely adjusts the solution according to the data. Coarse-tuning and fine-tuning are used for ensuring heating and reducing temperature difference respectively, to maximize heating efficiency, improving customers' experience. 

Then Huizhong smart heating system can help customers quickly detect and solve the problems during the process of operation & maintenance, to ensure the stable operation of heating devices, and to relieve the heating pressure, promoting the stable improvement of heating enterprises' management level. 


Multiple measures to guarantee orderly heating service

Because of the frequent outbreak of COVID-19 and early start of heating season, undoubtedly, the scheduling of inspection personnel is facing various problems. Huizhong actively adjusted its operation & maintenance strategy, and established a service team composed of after-sales service, system engineering, remote operation & maintenance and other departments, to be dedicated to comprehensively carrying out inspection services for heating enterprises. During this process, in addition to on-site inspection and troubleshooting of heat source settlement meter, heat exchange station meters, residential meter and platform, remote operation & maintenance also made a systematic study on products and platform data in an all-round way, which has provided technical support for high-quality heating. 


New heating service mode to enhance the implementation of “Carbon Peak and Neutrality Policy”

Before the release of “Carbon Peak and Neutrality Policy”, Huizhong has predictably transformed its heating service mode. The new heating service mode, composed of heat metering, products for adjustment, solution to energy saving and operation & maintenance service for energy saving, is supported on the software and hardware, which provides product, technology and service supports for energy conservation, consumption reduction and the upgrading of smart heating system, and enhances the adjustment of heating energy strategy, contributing to the realization of “Carbon Peak and Neutrality Policy”.

Huizhong will continuously lay a solid foundation for the safe and stable operation of heating work with complete heating system, innovative service mode and professional operation & maintenance team, and enhance energy conservation and consumption reduction with refined management, enabling the green and low-carbon development of heating sector. 

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