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Huizhong Ranked in the Forefront of "Top 300 Little Giant Enterprises"

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Recently, China Internet Weekly released the list of "Top 300 Little Giant Enterprises". Huizhong ranked 80th, ranking first among the sector enterprises, and showing its hardcore strength.

The list was jointly commissioned by China Internet Weekly, DEBEN, CIS and eNet Research Institute. It takes enterprise influence as the main line, the evaluation of experts on the cultural concept, leadership, strategic clarity and performance trend of the listed entities as the reference, combined with a number of objective big data.

In recent years, small and medium-sized enterprises have been vigorously supported, and professional, unique and superior enterprise have been actively guided to take the road of “professionalization, refinement, specialization and innovation”. Thus, a number of “Little Giant Enterprises” have risen rapidly. By virtue of rapid development of information technology, they have continuously improved their independent innovation ability and core competitiveness, and made outstanding contributions in their subdivided fields, gradually occupying a pivotal position.

As a leader in the sector with excellent innovation strength and broad market potential, Huizhong is deeply engaged in the field of ultrasonic flow measurement. Relying on the independent research & development of ultrasonic flow measurement technology, by virtue of industrial Internet, 5G and other new technical means, Huizhong focuses on the technical innovation, bursts out the power to drive the sector with strong action force and driving force, and then provides important support for improvement of sector quality development.

Huizhong will continue to take “Small Giant Enterprise” as its support, focus on subdivided fields, and conduct in-depth research on key technologies, enhancing innovation ability, and promoting the future development of the sector. 

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