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Huizhong successfully passed CMMI5 certification

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Recently, Huizhong Stock successfully passed the most authoritative and highest level CMMI5 certification in the international software field, which indicates that Huizhong has been in line with international standards and maintained the international advanced level in the aspects of software process organization software, technology research and development, project management and solution delivery.

In recent years, Huizhong has formed a team that is familiar with CMMI model, process improvement principles and has rich practical experience. Through continuous innovation and optimization and the joint efforts of the R&D team, Huizhong finally established a set of R&D project management system that is close to the business and simple and efficient, which greatly improved the project management level and R&D standardization. This CMMI5 certification is an important milestone for Huizhong's R&D standardization process.

Huizhong will continue to adhere to the new development concept, take product intelligence and product digitalization as the development direction, continue to carry out technological and product innovation, strive to improve independent R&D capabilities, integrate the CMMI5 standard system into Huizhong's R&D process, continue to promote the software project operation process optimization and management ability improvement, and provide customers with high-quality solutions and excellent industry software products.


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