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Huizhong was selected into the list of typical cases of national SME digital transformation project

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Recently, National Industrial information and Security Development Research Center is appointed by the small and medium-sized enterprise Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to announce the list of typical cases of digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in 2021, Huizhong, with the case of ‘building an agile big data platform to promote the transformation and upgrading’, stood out from many participating cases and was successfully selected.


During the‘14th Five-year Plan’ period, the deep integration of digital economy and entity economy, the promotion of digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and the promotion of high-quality development through digital transformation have become a profession consensus. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the main battlefield of digital transformation. Promoting the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises is an important way to improve the innovation ability and professional level of small and medium-sized enterprises. The case selection aims to further summarize and promote the experience and practice of digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises

Huizhong's Agile Big Data Platform is an integrated digital information system that supports technology research and development, intelligent production, supply chain, quality management, and intelligent warehousing. Relying on the big data platform, the digitization and informatization level of Huizhong has been continuously improved, and the innovation ability has been constantly enhanced.

Huizhong's case of "building an agile big data platform to promote transformation and upgrading" will be used as a typical sample to provide a reference for effectively solving the difficulties, pain points and blocking problems faced by digital transformation, and to help guide more small and medium-sized enterprises achieve digital transformation and innovative specialization.

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