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Huizhong Residential Ultrasonic Water Meter was Listed on “Strategic Emerging Product”

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Recently, the list of “Tangshan Strategic Emerging Product in 2021”, among which Huizhong residential ultrasonic water meter was listed, was officially released by Bureau of Industry and Information of Technology of Tangshan. 

Strategic emerging products refer to the ones included in the national strategic emerging industry, developed and produced with new design ideas, or made breakthroughs in structure, material and technology, so as to significantly improve product performance, expand functions, and play a significant role in improving the economic benefits of enterprises.

The selection of strategic emerging product aims to accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries in Tangshan, encourage industrial enterprises to cultivate and turn to develop strategic emerging products, enhance the vitality of enterprise development, and promoting transformation & upgrading and high-quality development of sectors.


The selected Huizhong residential ultrasonic water meter, as an intelligent data terminal, not only expands its functions except water metering, but also provides accurate data for water analysis by its excellent performance, ensuring the stable transmission of massive data and enabling the efficient development of intelligent water utilities. 

Huizhong will deeply implement the philosophy of “innovation-driven development”, continue to strengthen the R & D of innovative products, and accurately develop strategic emerging industries, providing an important engine for the high-quality economic development of Tangshan. 

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