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Huizhong Smart Heating System Enhances the Implementation of “Carbon Peak and Neutrality Policy”

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Recently, “the opinions of CPC Central Committee and the State Council on completely, accurately and comprehensively implementing the new development concept of carbon peak and neutrality” were officially released, which clearly proposed to accelerate “the reform of heating measurement and charge by heat quantity”. 

Facing “carbon peak and neutrality policy”, energy-saving transformation is imperative for heating sectors, and the reform od heating measurement urgently needs to be deepened. Combining its development advantages and its future development planning, Huizhong has gradually built a complete smart heating system, trying to solve the problems restricting the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction in heating sectors.

Huizhong smart heating integrates accurate measurement, monitoring, pipe network monitoring, diagnostic analysis, governance & regulation, and energy-saving improvement. The heating system is formed of information perception and acquisition, analysis processing and decision-making, which provides a complete, safe, efficient and reliable operation system. It helps heating enterprises start the detection service for whole-process data, on which the solution will also be adjusted. The solution ensures heat supply by rough adjustment and reduces temperature difference by refined adjustment, maximizing heating efficiency, optimizing customers’ use experience, and enhancing the implementation of “carbon peak and neutrality policy”

Product chains of smart heating terminals

In terms of heating terminal perception, Huizhong takes its full advantages of its ultrasonic flow measurement products and combines 5G, IoT and other technologies to build product chains of smart heating terminals covering all aspects of heating, so as to ensure the heating measurement of heat source, pipe network, heat station and end users.

Huizhong heating ultrasonic flow measurement products have realized full coverage of heat metering and network technology in the whole field from heat source to pipe network, from building to household, from management to charging, which provides the whole-process measurement data for the energy sector.

Smart heating management platform

Based on operation scheduling, operation & maintenance management, business service and decision-making, Huizhong smart heating management platform integrates manufacturing monitoring and operation management, so that heating enterprises realizes real-time and scientific operation scheduling, standardized and efficient operation & maintenance management, high-quality and humanized service, and strong decision-making ability, and practically achieves on-demand heating, energy conservation and consumption reduction, improving its economic and social benefits. 

It has multiple advantages including intelligent dispatching, regulation, and diagnosis, maintenance, as well as safety and quickness. It is a platform with self-perception, self-analysis, self-diagnosis, self-optimization, self-regulation and self-adaption. 


To enhance “carbon peak and neutrality policy”, a new development philosophy should be earnestly and thoroughly implemented, and a new development dynamic should also be constructed. Taking scientific & technological innovation as the basis, Huizhong will continuously enhance the refined management of heating with digital transformation, laying the foundation for a safe and stable heating, and providing a new momentum for energy conservation and emission reduction.

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