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Huizhong Smart Heating Platform--Providing Data Support for “Carbon Peak and Neutrality Policy”

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With the aggravation of energy shortage and air pollution, it is increasingly urgent to build smart heating system for heating enterprises. It is clearly stated in “Action Plan for Carbon Dioxide Peaking Before 2030” that “improve the informatization level of energy management, perfect the online monitoring system of energy consumption of key energy users, establish a national and industrial service platform for popularizing energy-saving technology, and promote energy-intensive enterprises to establish energy management center.”

In accordance with the relevant national system construction and safety requirements, Huizhong has built a set of smart heating platform integrating data monitoring, device management, energy consumption analysis and balance regulation for heating enterprises. Involving production & operation, maintenance & management, operation service and auxiliary decision-making, the platform organically combines production & operation with management, to effectively improve the economic and social benefits of henting enterprise.

Currently, Huizhong smart heating platform has been successfully built, and various subsystems including IoT metering and room-temperature monitoring, as well as smart heating SaaS platform have also completed. Moreover, the platform will be continuously innovated, developed and upgraded.

IoT-metering subsystem for metering


It is a comprehensive household heat metering and regulation management platform customized for heating enterprises, which is on the basis of the actual operation & management mode of heating enterprises. 

Room-temperature monitoring subsystem


It provides data support for the balance regulation and energy consumption control of heating enterprises by realizing the remote monitoring of room temperature, which guides the regulation of heating on demand, and promotes energy conservation and emission reduction.

Smart heating SaaS platform adopts the mode of "online products + online services + online leasing" to provide the services for software resource share for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Huizhong smart heating platform, taking "improving heating efficiency, safety, service and management" as the ultimate goal, helps realize the national strategy of energy conservation and emission reduction.

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