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Long-term Guarantee for Heat Metering Operation--Huizhong Heating IoT Metering System

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Heat metering is the metering of the heat obtained by the heating medium from the heat source or consumed by users in the urban central heating system. With the increasing shortage of global energy, the charging policy for heat metering has been implemented to promote the development of low-carbon, environmental protection and energy saving in heating sector. In the context of “Carbon Peak and Neutrality Policy”, Huizhong smart heating platform has made full work and preparation on how to improve energy efficiency, promote users’ active energy saving, and realize fair trading of heat consumption. 

With the rapid development of big data technology, accurate perception, reliable transmission, intelligent processing, precise decision-making will become the development direction of heat metering, and complete and accurate data is the most important foundation of it. 

Starting from the overall operation of heat metering data, Huizhong smart heating platform regards the reliability of data at sensing layer as the most basic index. Aiming at the existing heat metering devices in use and subsequent new heating metering products, it builds a reliable and perfect system, providing a long-term guarantee for all heat metering devices and data. 


The heating IoT metering in Huizhong smart heating platform is a comprehensive platform for household heat metering and regulation management, which is customized for heating enterprises according to their actual operation & management mode.

1. Functions

① Through NB-IoT and LoRa technology, combined with big data processing and big data analysis, the real-time monitoring and analysis of online devices are realized.

② Intelligent alarm and automatic dispatch of orders according to built-in diagnosis model of the system.

③ The device can be remotely controlled through remote operation, so as to reduce on-site troubleshooting and the costs of heat metering operation & maintenance.

④ The public data can be automatically generated through settlement, ang the charging system can be connected with one key. 

2. Advantages

① It integrates device management , household metering, remote control, operation & maintenance, and payment, with low comprehensive management costs.

② Integration of data monitoring, alarm and order dispatch, multi-terminal cooperative processing.

③ Heating IoT technology based on NB-IoT and wireless sensor technology.

④ With fine compatibility, the device can be compatible with various heat meters. 

3. Benefits

① The real-time data monitoring can improve the supervision level of heating enterprises on heating operation.

② The intelligent alarm can help heating enterprises detect troubleshooting in advance and improve the service level.

③ The remote control and automatic dispatch of orders can improve the operation & maintenance efficiency of heating enterprises and save labor costs.

④ The settlement function can automatically generate public data, which can improve the working efficiency and business automation level of heating enterprises. 

Huizhong will continue to innovate, develop and upgrade the function construction of smart heating platform, and provide long-term guarantee for energy conservation and green heating under "Carbon Peak and Neutrality Policy" with excellent big data analysis and operation ability. 

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