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Huizhong Room-temperature Monitoring System Enables Heating Operation

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Room temperature is the final evaluation standard of the heating quality of the whole heating system. In the absence of room temperature monitoring data, in order to ensure that the room temperature of remote-end users meets the standard, the operators blindly increase the heating capacity, resulting in overheating of near-end users, which not only wastes heat, but also may cause users' complaints. According to China Annual Research Report on Energy Conservation Development of Buildings and Energy Consumption Standard of Civil Buildings, overheating accounts for more than 20% of the total heating. 

The room-temperature monitoring system of Huizhong, by realizing the remote monitoring of room temperature, provides data support for the heating operation of heating enterprises, guides the operation regulation, and evaluates the regulation effect, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and contributing to “Carbon Peak and Neutrality Policy”.



1. Data monitoring, real-time monitoring of the room temperature of heating users, and control the heating quality at any time.

2. Intelligent alarm, timely know the device operation status, and provide warning settings for low temperature and high temperature.

3. Data analysis, provide accurate information about device operation status.

4. Remote control, support remote parameter setting & upgrading of device, improving operation & maintenance efficiency. 


1. On the basis of NB-IoT and wireless sensor technology, high efficiency in data transmission.

2. Using micro-service schema, convenient expansion and stable operation.

3. High precision sensor with advanced measurement algorithm, for accurate temperature measurement. 


1. Real-time monitoring, intuitive display of room-temperature standards, so that heating enterprises can control the heating quality at any time and allocate energy reasonably.

2. Quantification of heating quality, guiding operators to reasonably adjust heat supply, and avoiding energy waste.

3. Discover the heating quality problems in time, change passive service into active service, reducing user complaints.

Huizhong will continue to innovate, develop and upgrade the function construction of smart heating platform, and provide long-term guarantee for energy conservation and green heating under "Carbon Peak and Neutrality Policy" with excellent big data analysis and operation ability. 

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